Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crafting Overdrive

Ughhh.... so I've totally been flaking out from blogging... I've gone into crafting overdrive... so here's a little of what I've been up to.....

I saw these leg warmers on Pintrest and decided that I must own them, so I busted out the old crochet hook and made my own look-alike.  Whadya think! She was selling them for $85.00, my total supply costs where; 2 skeens of regular yarn 10 NIS/each, two packages of buttons 2.50NIS/each =  25.00 NIS (New Israeli Shekel) divide that by 4 = $6.25 Is how much i paid for my new leg warmers!!! WOOHOOO!

and ohhhh dear... Picasa has just warned me that I can no longer add pictures with out taking some off..... What to dooo?? ohhh Noo!?!?!?

Thursday, November 8, 2012


      I am happy to announce that this morning A Quadrillion and One New Outfits reached 1000 VIEWS!  YAY! I would like to say thank you to all of you for visiting, reading and sharing all my wacky posts! It surely has been an adventure, in that last 6 months with out purchasing a single item of clothing (other than that minty dress) I have discovered a total of 72 brand new outfits that I have never worn before! Is that insane or what? After getting to know my closet I understand what I own and this gave me the ability to get creative and to discover new ways to wear my old clothes!  So today I would like to look back and review those 72 outfits and award the top posts and see why they worked so well!!

    The first place award goes to the most popular outfit post of all time: Like a Good Party Your Clothing Needs to Mingle.  At 36 unique pages visits this post has received the most attention out of all the other outfit posts, in my opinion this is probably one of my most important posts containing some of the best wardrobe advice available. In this post I discussed how to reach your wardrobes' full fashion potential, and the importance of mingling your clothing.
     As the first place winner this post has won a completely new photo shoot with any of the outfits that weren't tried on before!

      I should also make a side note that the most viewed post of all time that  is not related to outfits is Ocean Goddess Makeup. In which the inspiration for the post was a dream and this was the makeup that I dreamed that I wore. At 54 views this tangent post has received almost double the views that Like a Good Party has!! 
This leads me to believe that I should post some more wild makeup applications! Stay tuned in to see more creative ways to do your makeup! 

   The second place award goes to the outfit that I wore the most in the past 6 months. I know I have learned from blogging that I never have to wear the same thing twice, but I actually adored this outfit so much that I wore it twice! This ensemble and more can be found here: Wear Your White For Once.
     This outfit encompasses my personality I feel beautiful and confident while wearing it. I strongly believe that in order to feel confident and beautiful your clothing has to be feeling great and fitting right. This is how feeling comfortable in your clothing gives you confidence. The white pants are made from linen so the fabric is light and breathable, they also have a liner so they are not see-through both very comforting features that give me comfort and security that no one can see my underwear. The shirt is a floral masterpiece purchased from the bluenotes spring 2012 line for $15, it's so fun and girly it reminds me of a dress I had when I was five. I'm always jealous of the cute little girl sundresses, I wish terribly that they made them in my size, so this shirt captures that nostalgic youth that I'm addicted to.  Paired off with Lapis Lazuli Earrings, Pearls, and a sentimental seashell bracelet this look is filled with my personality, and comes off as young elegant and lady like, not at all childish. Thus making this the most perfect outfit ever made!

     For winning second place I have attempted to make a three; never worn before, equally amazing outfits for the fall/winter season. While creating the outfits I kept in mind what made this outfit so perfect; comfort, personality & elegance. These outfits are what I came up with for the fall/winter season.

number one

number two

number three 

     The 3rd place award goes to Precision with Planned Purchasing for being the most practical advice for updating any wardrobe. A quick survey of what you own will help you understand what colours you love to wear, or maybe what colours that may be missing that you would like to wear. In Precision with Planned Purchasing I spilled some effective wardrobe updating secrets that I have been using for years. I have been using a brainstorm cloud chart for years to help me shop, I find while using the brainstorm chart I avoid buying impulsively, unless it's something that I absolutely must have like this poncho, otherwise I usually stick to the guidelines. For winning third place I've finally added an example of what my brainstorm chart looks like!  YAY!! Whenever I go out shopping I try to have a version of this chart available to ensure that my purchases will compliment existing wardrobe.  

    I would just like to say thanks again to you all for checking in, and helping Quadrillion and One New Outfits reach over 1000 views! My husband thinks I should also make a video blog what do you think??? 

-until next time stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure

    Wow I cannot believe it is November , the weather sure hasn't been convincing the temperature here has been above 30°C all week long, not exactly November weather in my books... My internal clocks however have not been confused, for I have picked up my favourite fall/winter past time crocheting! OOOoooooooo the fun!!!!
     This Monday's Manicure  is one of my favourite nail art designs! It's quick and easy and it's so cute and fun. This is where I found the tutorial, she goes by the name "cute polish" I just adore her fun nail art designs! 

This manicure was quick and easy to do here are the steps.

1. paint two layers of black on the tips ,use scotch tape to get really straight lines, I however didn't and they came out fine! 
2. use white and make the polka dots, I used the end of a small paint brush to make my polka dots
3. paint a line of silver sparkle  where the black ends
4. after it was all dry I finished it with a layer of top coat, to protect my cute new manicure and to help it shine! 

Thanks so much for reading!!! 

-until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay you! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY: Mid-length T-Skirt

      This skirt was my second T-skirt out of four that I created during my up-cycling rampage. The rampage has since stopped, but I assume only temporarily because I've been working on repainting an ugly little melamine, 3 drawer cabinet. 

       It all started with this shirt, I bought this shirt for my husband about 4 years ago, and he's never worn it... I absolutely love the colour  sometimes I think it's orange, sometimes pink, and sometimes red. This rich colour is great for fall, it reminds of  warm spices and all the trees back in Canada changing colours.  

     First things first, I cut open the neck like so (left), then I jumped inside and measured out the shape of the skirt (below). I wanted a nice midi-length a-line skirt, so I measured accordingly. It's crucial to get the lines straight while pinning to avoid puckering. 

I "lightening stitched" each side twice, then cut off all the excess fabric.

     I stepped back inside to measure the waist band, I used my eye to make it level  and pinned into place. 

    I then hem stitched the waistband leaving a section open, and threaded the elastic band that I measured to fit comfortably at just below my hips. To see the easiest way to thread the waistband check out this post here.  After I was sure the elastic waistband was flat with no twists I sewed the ends together and closed up the open section of the top hem. This T-skirt required a little more sewing because of the length, so it took about 2 hours from start to finish. A sewing machine would have cut this time in half.

    I would have to say this was my favourite up-cycled t-skirt until I made number four! This skirt as my husband dubbed it is a bit "shanti", a Hindi word we picked up from our travels in India meaning relaxed, cool and calm. Which is certainly appropriate it's soooo comfy and the intense orange-red ocher color reminds me of saffron, saris, Babas and sadhus of India. 

Come back soon T-skirt number four on it's way !!! 

Here's a small trip down memory lane.....

Rooftops of Agra India

 People at Taj Mahal, Agra, India

On a Bus with a Baba in the Himalayas

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


     My mother has always encouraged & inspired me, she really was the greatest mother any girl could ask for. She constantly supported my hyper active creative brain by captivating my mind with endless arts, crafts, puzzles, books and science projects! With out her continuous love and support I most certainly would not be the person I am today!
    Often  times when I was a kid I remember myself whining,
"MOOooommmm, I'mmmmm boOOoored....."
    Her response was always the same, so I've made a quote poster for my quotable Mom! I love you Mom, thank you for always inspiring me!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure

    For the past year or so I've been obsessed with having one finger nail painted a different colour that contrasts or coordinates, the odd one out is usually my pinky or ring finger. I love with this manicure and I'm sure it will look good as almost any color combo.
     I was at my friend's the other day and we showed her mom that we both had our nails painted with one finger a different colour, her mom looked at us like we were crazy. We both giggled and we knew that the trend was clearly awesome and   the fact that she didn't think it was cool made it cooler. 

        In order to create this look I started with two coats of the  colours that I chose to be the base. I waited until the next day to paint the tips because I just don't have the patience to wait for 5 coats to dry.  So the day after I painted my nails with the base colours, I taped off my tips diagonally with some scotch tape, and painted on two coats of black. I then carefully removed the tape  with an up and backwards motion while the nail polish was still quite wet.  After the 2 layers of black dried I applied a layer of top coat to  add shine and to help protect my manicure! I love this look I think this manicure has attitude and personality. It's fun bold colours and it's funky design is full of edginess and energy! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY: Mini-Sweater T-Skirt

    I am happy to tell you all that I  have yet another Emily's T-skirt Tutorial to share with everyone of the inter-webs. This is the first of 3 T-skirts I've made on my up-cycling rampage. For this T-skirt I wanted a comfy skirt, to get stuff done around the house in.

   A couple weeks ago I asked my husband if he was ever going to wear this shirt again, he said
So I tossed into the bag with all the other T-shirts that are awaiting for a re-purposed life. I love how soft the sweater like material is, I knew that one day it would become something great!

    The first thing I did to make my new T-skirt, is lop off the sleeves from armpit to armpit in a nice straight line. I kept the top piece that I cut off, I think it could make a cute cropped sweater shrug............

   From there I tried on the tube and measured how short I'd like the skirt to be and folded the waistline hem accordingly, I then hem stitched it almost all the way, leaving a section open to thread the elastic waistband. 

    I then took rubber band and measured a waistband that sat snugly on my hips. 

    I couldn't find a safety pin so I attached a pipe cleaner to the end of the waistband instead  and pushed it through the waist hem by scrunching the fabric like this and then pulling it through.  

 OH, I also attached this little stationary clip to the tail end so it wouldn't pull through while I was threading the waistband. 

   Once I had completed threading the waist band I attached another clip like this (above left pic) and was able to flatten any flips in the waistband without the elastic slipping back inside. Once I was sure the elastic band was nice and flat I sewed the two ends together. (above right pic)

The last step in finishing my T-skirt was to sew the waistband up. In               6 easy steps, and ten minutes of sewing by hand and I have my very first T-Skirt!  Find another T-skirt Tutorial  here.


-Until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay you!