Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look Hot Stay Cool Part Two

    It is always a challenge to feel comfortable in your clothing and when the thermometer is about to burst outside, this challenge only increases in difficulty! That is why while working through the quadrillions of possible new outfits today we continue our focus on looking hot and staying cool.

  This shirt made from a micro magic material, is heavenly soft, and is as light as a feather, making it the perfect stay cool top. I've compiled an assortment of different looks for different occasions, so I can stay comfortable on these last few days of scorching summer.  To find out more ways I wore it check out Part one here.

    The outfits that I have coordinated range from super casual, to dressy. This way I have a variety of Look Hot Stay Cool outfits to choose from on those scorching hot days and I have to do is pick which ever suits my mood and the occasion.  

       While choosing which bottoms to Look Hot and Stay Cool with , I looked for other light weight materials and natural fibers; like cotton or linen they dry the fastest and are more breathable than any poly based fabric. More air flow = more comfortable.  Skirts are an obvious choice nothing beats the comfort (and air flow) of a flowy skirt! 

      Sandals are a must for me, my feet haven't seen the dark insides of socks in MONTHS, and if I had it my way I'd never wear a sock or nylon again... but... I'm not quite there yet, so until then Sandals all the way everyday! (or until it gets too cold for tropical temperature lovin' toes) My feet act as a sort of thermostat for the rest of my body, I don't know if everyone's (feet) work like this but it's a theory of mine. So... If my feet are too hot, all wrapped up in socks and what not I know I'm going to cook, so I avoid socks at all costs. But maybe that's just me, I like my toes to run free! 

My cousin dislikes pink and brown together, but the colour combo is retro, and I think Pink and Brown are great together! What do you think, Do Pink & Brown work well together?

Until next time stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! And look out for Look Hot Stay Cool Part Three Coming Soon! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

     Good Morning  this morning's segment of Monday's Manicure Madness showcases  a lovely floral nail stamp design!  Nail stamping is a fairly simple process, but it takes a bit of practice to get it right. This is my first try using my new stamping kit, and it worked just as well as my Konad nail stamping kit. Apparently room temperature plays a big factor in nail stamping, in my cool air conditioned living-room, I could not stamp my nails. The moving cool air made it impossible to stamp because the nail polish kept drying way too quickly it would either dry; on the stamper  before I could stamp it or on the sheet after I scraped it. AARRGGG! But I don't think this will be a problem in a  home with central air, unless it's an ice box inside your house or you have a fan pointing at you.  I was however able to successfully stamp my nails in my warmer un-air-conditioned kitchen.  Once in a non breezy environment, stamping went smoothly and easily!

 What do you think? Cute ? 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Look Hot Stay Cool


    So the summer is nearing it's end, but it's still scorching here with temperatures hitting 40 Celsius daily it's hard to stay cool.  If you ask me it's actually much too hot for clothing, but as much as I would love getting away with wearing my bikini all day everyday it's just not an option. That is why today I will begin a three part series named Look Hot Stay Cool,  where I will find hidden ways to stay comfortable  and still look fashionable! 
      So in my quest to Look Hot an Stay Cool, I found this lovely little tank top on sale for half price. I picked it up off the rack and my husband shared with my how cute he thought it was, a buying sign, so quickly tried it on and then I was sold.  It is by S.wear, a brand made by Hanes clothing, it's basically the most comfortable clothing on the face of the earth, and it's not all pajamas, although most of it I would classify only acceptable to wear while exercising, sleeping, beaching, or cleaning. Which is obviously a huge hit here, because Israel is probably one of the most casually dressed populations I have ever encountered.  The weather here during the summer is not bearable for most, just wearing a necklace can make me feel sweaty and uncomfortable and if my shoes are too warm, I'm gonna cook... and  forget wearing my hair down, I might as well be wearing a fur coat... so it's hot here... I like it.. actually I love it... there is nothing like blistering heat, I'm usually cold so I like when it's HOT. But to Look Hot and Stay Cool is a brand new Lesson for me. I used to think Fashion & Beauty was suffering, no pain no gain. Well friends I am here to tell you that it's not all true..

           When the temperature soars it can be a challenge to look fashionable and put together. So I have taken it upon myself to create some scorching hot looks, that will manage to keep me feeling cool, when the thermometer is about to burst! To get a feel for the versatility of my new shirt I've used it in all the Look Hot Stay Cool looks. 


      In order too Look Hot and Stay Cool, I chose light weight items, skirts, and sandals, and I kept the accessories subtle and to a minimum. When the temperature is rising, less (everything) is so much more!  

    Stay tuned for more Look Hot Stay Cool Looks coming soon in part two! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

Welcome to
 Monday Morning Manicure Madness
 I've decided since I love doing my nails so much, that I will add a special segment just for manicures. I recently received this     
what great gift for our 4th anniversary, traditionally gifts of flowers or linens are given on the 4th anniversary, this has plenty of flowers! thank you to my amazing husband who knows me ohhhh so well! <3 

      It's a professional nail stamping set that they usually don't sell to the public, but my darling husband used his wily charm and the lady at the beauty wholesaler to sold it to him!!! I'm the luckiest wifey ever <3 So with this new stamping kit there are 101 individual stamps, and that pretty much means endless possible combinations, and hours of entertainment! Stay tuned for more Monday Morning Manicure Madness!

     Today's manicure is "kitty kitty" by Sally Hanson Nail Effects... Okay I know I'm obsessed with these, but you have to check these out! I whole-heartedly doubted that nail stickers would work but a couple of my girlfriends told me that I had to try it. So I bought a couple packages from the local Walmart while I was in Canada, they were actually on sale for $6.79, so I ended up buying 4 to bring back here, to Israel. I was sure that Israel wouldn't have this sort of fabulous-ness. I was wrong, I did find them one day in the mall. BUT they cost 50+ shekels, which is just about double of what I paid for them back in Canada, but if you ask me  that is still not a bad price for the quality of this product. 

     The stickers speak for themselves just give them a try, I was was so surprised at how long they actually lasted. Sally Hanson Nail Effects are better than any manicure that I've paid $50 dollars for, they last longer like WAY longer. To find out some tips and tricks on how to make applying Sally Hanson Nail Stickers easier check out this blog post! They have a bunch of super fun designs to choose from and they help protect my nails allowing them to finally grow nice and long... okay okay I  know I'm raving and I have raved about these before, I swear I don't work for Sally but honestly, Sally Hanson Nail Effects Is the Best Manicure Money Can Buy! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

War Time Wisdom

Go Through Your Wardrobe - Make-Do and Mend

I just love this! We shouldn't be so wasteful, we should open up our closets and make something new from something old!  So let's  Make-do and Mend ourselves a Quadrillion and One New Outfits! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Precision with Planned Purchasing

all neutrals 
     Now I've always know I've had a serious shoe Fetish at times in my life it has become an addiction, when I would chose to buy the latest styles instead of paying my credit card... anyways.. I'm far past those days of debt from shoe overdoses, and I am able to take a step back and not just buy buy buy I dunno what happened, but  the addiction stopped and now I'm just obsessed. ;) I've always been somewhat of a control freak, so it only makes sense that I got things 'under control' again.

       Nowadays,  I spend when I want too, and it's not very often, but when I do, I'm so much  more happier than before... So as a recovering shoe-aholic, it is important for me to follow the   rules and not just go on spending sprees, but to shop with purpose, and have a specific idea of what you are looking for... 

     I was looking into my shoe closet here at home, and I noticed that it was looking kinda drab not at all like the rest of my wardrobe.. Neutral coloured shoes are great they match just about everything, but I'm not joking every single pair of shoes in my shoe closet were of a neutral shade, there was not a single colour to be found. I was quite surprised since I think I'm so outgoing, loud and colourful, I would assume I would own some fun colourful footwear  as well... but sadly this was not the case...  

       So that day I went to the mall with a mission, to find a pair of brightly coloured shoes that will mesh into my wardrobe. Since I started this blog, I've had the chance to really learn and to get a feel for my wardrobe and it's contents, which helps me no matter what I am shopping for. 

       Needless to say I was obviously successful, I found such a great pair of shoes and they are such a bright  Aqua blue, they are awesome little peep toe wedges, and they were only 50 shekels ($12) Woohoo! TO GO, one of my favorite inexpensive shoe retailers was having an end of season sale! I love this time of year! I know that most of the shoes will  go down to 30 shekels in about a week or two and at this time I will go back for more,  my inner addict just cannot resit an eight dollar pair of shoes!

        I don't think I can go wrong with aqua, it's my favourite colour. I own quite a bit of aqua accessories and clothing so I know my boldly bright blue shoes will be put to good use. Understanding what I own, what I wear and what accessories I have; helped me pick out the perfect pair of shoes. Being familiar with my wardrobe knowing what I do have and what I might be missing  helps me  make purchases that will work well with my closet and it helps me to avoid  making impulsive purchases. Precision with Planned Purchasing, involves goal making which provides me with direction so I don't get lost in the endless possibilities available to me. At the end of the day I felt a guilt free satisfaction in knowing that my new shoes were a good planned purchase. 

Tips for Percision Planned Purchasing
  1. brain storm a bubble chart of prominent colours in your wardrobe (this helps you understand what you wear, or  add a new colour)
  2.  look into your wardrobe find what's missing, eg. brightly coloured shoes, accent scarf, bold bracelet, button blouse, camisole etc your name it!  add the missing items to the chart as bubbles under what ever colours you would like
  3. stick the chart in your purse and VOILA the next time you are out shopping you'll be shopping with a purpose and you'll actually buy something that you need and works with your wardrobe

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teach an Old Dress New Tricks!

We all have that old dress that sits in the back of our closet just waiting for the day we decide to bust it out..... but it just never happens.. why could this be??? I've been trying to figure it out, and here is what I've come up with. I bought this dress for a  new year's eve dinner proabably about four years ago now, it's actually only been worn out in public about twice if I remember correctly.

I think I never wear it because just by itself it's way too dressy, and both times I wore the exactly the same way, the way I bought it, no extra personality added... now I  don't always feel the need to add "personality" to a dress, but when you've become bored of your dress, it's time to find it's full potential and  arrange some new ways to wear it!

Once I started mixing and matching my dress with my accessories, I realized that there were many more ways to wear this simple dress than i could have ever realised. This dress was very simple to make new outfits with because it is completely plain, neutral with very little detail. Which gave me freedom to mix and match colours with ease.

I was actually quite surprised how much I loved my new looks and how easy they were to arrange. I learned a valuable lesson today, you can teach an Old dress new tricks!!!

-stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU!!!