Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look Hot Stay Cool Part Two

    It is always a challenge to feel comfortable in your clothing and when the thermometer is about to burst outside, this challenge only increases in difficulty! That is why while working through the quadrillions of possible new outfits today we continue our focus on looking hot and staying cool.

  This shirt made from a micro magic material, is heavenly soft, and is as light as a feather, making it the perfect stay cool top. I've compiled an assortment of different looks for different occasions, so I can stay comfortable on these last few days of scorching summer.  To find out more ways I wore it check out Part one here.

    The outfits that I have coordinated range from super casual, to dressy. This way I have a variety of Look Hot Stay Cool outfits to choose from on those scorching hot days and I have to do is pick which ever suits my mood and the occasion.  

       While choosing which bottoms to Look Hot and Stay Cool with , I looked for other light weight materials and natural fibers; like cotton or linen they dry the fastest and are more breathable than any poly based fabric. More air flow = more comfortable.  Skirts are an obvious choice nothing beats the comfort (and air flow) of a flowy skirt! 

      Sandals are a must for me, my feet haven't seen the dark insides of socks in MONTHS, and if I had it my way I'd never wear a sock or nylon again... but... I'm not quite there yet, so until then Sandals all the way everyday! (or until it gets too cold for tropical temperature lovin' toes) My feet act as a sort of thermostat for the rest of my body, I don't know if everyone's (feet) work like this but it's a theory of mine. So... If my feet are too hot, all wrapped up in socks and what not I know I'm going to cook, so I avoid socks at all costs. But maybe that's just me, I like my toes to run free! 

My cousin dislikes pink and brown together, but the colour combo is retro, and I think Pink and Brown are great together! What do you think, Do Pink & Brown work well together?

Until next time stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! And look out for Look Hot Stay Cool Part Three Coming Soon! 

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