Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Precision with Planned Purchasing

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     Now I've always know I've had a serious shoe Fetish at times in my life it has become an addiction, when I would chose to buy the latest styles instead of paying my credit card... anyways.. I'm far past those days of debt from shoe overdoses, and I am able to take a step back and not just buy buy buy I dunno what happened, but  the addiction stopped and now I'm just obsessed. ;) I've always been somewhat of a control freak, so it only makes sense that I got things 'under control' again.

       Nowadays,  I spend when I want too, and it's not very often, but when I do, I'm so much  more happier than before... So as a recovering shoe-aholic, it is important for me to follow the   rules and not just go on spending sprees, but to shop with purpose, and have a specific idea of what you are looking for... 

     I was looking into my shoe closet here at home, and I noticed that it was looking kinda drab not at all like the rest of my wardrobe.. Neutral coloured shoes are great they match just about everything, but I'm not joking every single pair of shoes in my shoe closet were of a neutral shade, there was not a single colour to be found. I was quite surprised since I think I'm so outgoing, loud and colourful, I would assume I would own some fun colourful footwear  as well... but sadly this was not the case...  

       So that day I went to the mall with a mission, to find a pair of brightly coloured shoes that will mesh into my wardrobe. Since I started this blog, I've had the chance to really learn and to get a feel for my wardrobe and it's contents, which helps me no matter what I am shopping for. 

       Needless to say I was obviously successful, I found such a great pair of shoes and they are such a bright  Aqua blue, they are awesome little peep toe wedges, and they were only 50 shekels ($12) Woohoo! TO GO, one of my favorite inexpensive shoe retailers was having an end of season sale! I love this time of year! I know that most of the shoes will  go down to 30 shekels in about a week or two and at this time I will go back for more,  my inner addict just cannot resit an eight dollar pair of shoes!

        I don't think I can go wrong with aqua, it's my favourite colour. I own quite a bit of aqua accessories and clothing so I know my boldly bright blue shoes will be put to good use. Understanding what I own, what I wear and what accessories I have; helped me pick out the perfect pair of shoes. Being familiar with my wardrobe knowing what I do have and what I might be missing  helps me  make purchases that will work well with my closet and it helps me to avoid  making impulsive purchases. Precision with Planned Purchasing, involves goal making which provides me with direction so I don't get lost in the endless possibilities available to me. At the end of the day I felt a guilt free satisfaction in knowing that my new shoes were a good planned purchase. 

Tips for Percision Planned Purchasing
  1. brain storm a bubble chart of prominent colours in your wardrobe (this helps you understand what you wear, or  add a new colour)
  2.  look into your wardrobe find what's missing, eg. brightly coloured shoes, accent scarf, bold bracelet, button blouse, camisole etc your name it!  add the missing items to the chart as bubbles under what ever colours you would like
  3. stick the chart in your purse and VOILA the next time you are out shopping you'll be shopping with a purpose and you'll actually buy something that you need and works with your wardrobe

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