Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tequila Sunreyes

     Okay so I guess I feel like mixing things up! For you today we have another wild make-up application!  I've done renditions of this look but never to this extreme.

    I named this colour combo Tequila Sunreyes, because it's so fun, bright and summery.(and it's colours reminds me of a sunrise) I think it looks great when I have tanned skin. (this is tanned for me) I really like this combo, because it makes my Hazel eyes look bright green, which is uber sexy. To create Tequila Sunreyes I used 6 different shades. Take a look at these beautiful colors! I love the ombre effect it's just gorgeous. After applying the ocean goddess makeup the other day, I felt so inspired to dramatize other colour combinations.

I wonder if I have any more wild makeup applications up my sleaves... I think I am also gaining inspiration from watching TRUE BLOOD, I just love how they do the Vampire makeup. 
Thanks for viewing! Until Next time....

  stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy Cute Manicure

      I just had to share this quickly with all of you! It's honestly the quickest easiest way to get a crazy cute manicure that lasts. And I mean it lasts! Today will be six days of super cute flower manicure and there is not a single chip.  I have some tips and tricks that will also help your Sally Hanson Nail Stickers stay shiny and chip free longer.

      This is only the second time I've applied Sally Hanson Nail stickers, and I'm seriously in LOVE! Okay so it takes a little bit longer to apply compared to Nail Polish BUT have you ever had a nail polish that ACTUALLY didn't chip for  10  days??? (with the exception of toe polish) There is very little drying time which is fantastic and the nail stickers actually help protect your nails from chips and damages!

Emily's Tips and Tricks

  • I first make sure my cuticles are super cleaned up and pushed back,  the stickers last so long and nail bed growth becomes visible before the stickers chip so I want the sticker covering as far into the cuticle bed as possible.
  • I find that any nail sticker with a big bold pattern (like the one I used) will actually make my nails look shorter, so I try and wait till my nails get "long" before applying the stickers. Solid colors, small patterns & lines I find tend to make nails look longer, Sally Hanson has many different patterns to chose from! 
  • To make my Sally Hanson Nail Effects last the longest, I always make sure to remove any excess oils with nail polish first before applying.
  • I make sure my hands and the room temperature are not too hot, the stickers become very sticky, gooey and impossible to work with 
  • also on the contrary make sure the room and your hands are not too cold otherwise the stickers become very not sticky, stiff and impossible to work with
  • apply the nail stickers to your thumbs last! it makes cleaning up and applying the stickers  to your other fingers much easier if your thumbs are free
  • I always apply a top coat the next day or day after that but never right after, I make sure to coat the nail edge with the top coat as well, it really helps any manicure last longer.
  • the box says no drying time but beware it looks dry and feels dry but it's still quite soft and I'd recommend turning up the ac to help them stiffen and set them, I usually wait a good 15-20 minutes before I start handling things again, but be careful, they can dent really easy for about an hour or so
  • every couple of days, not every day not even every other day, just every couple of days, when the manicure dulls and thins then I apply another layer of top coat to protect .  I do this every couple of days because my nails really get worn out going to the beach and cleaning the house etc...

All in all a Rave Review, I definitely recommend Sally Hanson Nail Effects!  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Mintspiration

I went shopping with my good friend Natalie, and I was supposed to be helping her find a dress and low and behold I managed to find one for myself, well I had an armful to try on so the chances  of me finding one were pretty good. It just so happened by chance that the most  stunning one, a mint one shoulder dress, fit the best out of all of them, the lines seemed to fit perfect to my body. How could I not buy it? Even Nat was like,

 So I did, and I took it home and I was so excited and I felt so inspired by my new mint dress that the moment I got home I began to mix and match my new mint dress with my accessories and shoes! It took me about an hour but I created 10 great ways to wear my spectacular mint dress. The next time I am busy getting ready and I want to wear my mint dress I won't even have to think because I have invented some great looks already with this dress ahead of time I can just throw it all on and won't even have to debate if it looks good or not!  When I am under pressure to get ready I can never make a decision on time and always end up choosing the easiest "safe"  option. This way my choices are easy, I pick an already arranged outfit that suits my mood that day. Also planning and coordinating outfits regularly actually makes it easier to mix and match on the spot because you already kinda have an idea of what accessories/shoes work with what colours you have in your closet.  

Mint came back into fashion this summer season and I hope it sticks around. Mint has always been a favourite of mine. I swear the colour mint evens out my skin tone and makes me look way more tanned than I actually am, and for my pastie white ass that's a great thing!

 I used to own a mint double breasted  cropped mint jacket, it was honestly one of my most favourite pieces of clothing of all time. That is until a rogue pair of pink panties got mixed into my lights and brights laundry load and my mint jacket came out with pink splotches all over. I tried everything to get the pink out but the splotches wouldn't budge the jacket was ruined. It was a sad day in North York the day my mint jacket died.... RIP 

Stay tuned there are already more mintspirational outfits in production and I have a feeling there will be even more in the near future!  

XO~  stay cool, stay comfortable, 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ocean Goddess Makeup

Okay so I know this is a little bit random but I had a dream that I did my makeup all crazy wild, like runway, haute couture/ I think I am a mermaid style. I woke up from the dream with such a desire to replicate it that I did that day. Now this  is definitely an attention seeking, head turner of a look, so I probably won't be wearing it out in public anytime soon.
    As a makeup artist the look tested my creativity and skills, I had never done something so "crazy" before. While working full time as a makeup artist my work focused on bridal and everyday makeup applications so I am used to creating feminine and gentle looks. This look is so far from gentle and soft, it is so strong, LOUD, colourful and powerful. So totally not the Norm...

     This look would be perfect for an Ocean Goddess, or a wild night out. I would just love to have a girls night out where we all wear crazy makeup done by me! That would be fun! I hope you like my wild design! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Caviar Manicure

     I just had to share this all with you! Today I finally did the black caviar manicure that I've been dying to do for weeks. I had bought the jar of 'caviar beads' at my local craft retailer, which kinda makes me wonder if Micheal's also has this back in Canada??? Anyhow I bought them probably over a month ago, but my nails were way too short, I had a feeling that the caviar beads would make my nails look shorter then they actually are. (AND it does) any solid colour I find makes my nails look shorter, then adding beads on top shortens them even more. So I waited until I felt my nails were long enough and now TADA! I'm so impressed with the results it was easy and fairly quick compared to other designs I put on my nails. It was my first attempt trying to do this so my nails didn't turn out perfect, but I think the effect is soo cool I need to practice a couple more times and I'll completely have the hang of it!

Steps are easy here's how I did it.

1. tidy up nails, file, push cuticles back etc

2. apply first coat of nail polish to all nails

3. paint the second coat and apply the caviar beads one finger at a time, make sure you apply sufficient amount of nail polish in order to make the beads stick, but not too much that it's going to get messy. I made sure to work over a shoe box lid to catch all the caviar beads that fall. Once the nail is covered gently push the beads flat over the nail and around the nail edges in order to stick them down. I used an orange stick to pull out excess  beads that got stuck in my cuticles. REMEMBER ONE FINGER NAIL AT A TIME

4. use a clear top coat on just the finger nail tip edges and the first row of beads to help make your Caviar Manicure Last.

and Voila!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If the Jacket Fits then Wear it!

My white linen suit jacket is the perfect summer item, linen is a natural fiber and lets your skin breathe, aka allows sweat to escape, keeping you dry on those sticky days. Although it's much to hot to wear a jacket while the sun is shining here I think my white jacket will be perfect for the breezy evenings by the sea.


I really think the jacket is something special but I've hardly worn it in the four plus years I've owned it!!! Money just sitting there wasting away!  I pulled it from my closet, and it still fit, so I began matching away. I tried to find blouses with a pattern that had white in them, in order to compliment and blend the jacket into the look.

In this outfit there are a lot of different elements working to keep the look cohesive. The scarf and necklace are what makes everything work together. The aqua scarf has pops of yellow, which compliments the yellow camisole and the necklace has dark wood, aqua and light creamy yellow beads, which accents all the pieces in the wardrobe. This is what we call Fashion Feng Shui. The over all look is natural and earthy. This outfit would have to be my favorite look incorporating the white linen jacket, I would wear this any day of the week! 

This patterned shirt, I love but have only worn it once since I bought it six months ago. Something about it, I just couldn't match it with anything until it met my white linen jacket! That's why " Like a good party, your clothing should mingle" 


Until next time!

Stay Comfortable, Stay Cool, Stay YOU! 


Friday, July 6, 2012

Shorts Almost as Wild as my Personality

   My adventure through my closet has been a continuous learning experience. Not only have I realized the massive potential of my wardrobe, I have have learned how easy it really is to make something old new again. This valuable lesson has fulfilled my appetite for fresh fashion without costing me a penny. In these times we all should be a little more thriftier! With all the many lessons I've learned through mixing matching nothing can compare to the challenge of matching these Amazing Marciano shorts I picked up about SEVEN years ago. To me these Bermuda shorts are so exquisitely beautiful I think they should be in a museum somewhere. . . . . . .The shorts like myself are loud, outgoing, fun, bright, unique, and a little bit crazy! These shorts are almost as diverse as my personality, complete with shiny blinged out pocket flaps!  Seriously HHHHOOOOWWW could I resist them?? PS. they were mega on sale at a Marciano Outlet. It was like a message from the    angels. . . 


   In my seven years of ownership they have remained in pristine condition and amazingly some how I'm the same size as I was when I was 21. YAY! That's a confidence booster! So it's quite obvious why they've lasted this long, I've hardly worn them, mostly because when it comes time to coordinate an outfit the only colour I end up putting with them is black, almost most other colours look garish when beside the shorts.

When pairing the shorts with a black shirt it often looked way too plain against the kaleidoscopic shorts, so by choosing a black shirt with details and adding matching accessories it helps move the eyes up from the shorts, so they are not the only thing you see. The overall look is tastefully wild and elegantly fun, with out being over the top.   

This sort of planning is needed if I want to have a harmonizing outfit. In a rush to get ready I would never be able to calmly plan a coordinating outfit with these shorts and that's why I have pre-planned to ensure that when I do decide to wear my outrageous bermudas I will be confident that the outfit works well.


These attention seeking shorts are no doubt too much for many        but......