Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If the Jacket Fits then Wear it!

My white linen suit jacket is the perfect summer item, linen is a natural fiber and lets your skin breathe, aka allows sweat to escape, keeping you dry on those sticky days. Although it's much to hot to wear a jacket while the sun is shining here I think my white jacket will be perfect for the breezy evenings by the sea.


I really think the jacket is something special but I've hardly worn it in the four plus years I've owned it!!! Money just sitting there wasting away!  I pulled it from my closet, and it still fit, so I began matching away. I tried to find blouses with a pattern that had white in them, in order to compliment and blend the jacket into the look.

In this outfit there are a lot of different elements working to keep the look cohesive. The scarf and necklace are what makes everything work together. The aqua scarf has pops of yellow, which compliments the yellow camisole and the necklace has dark wood, aqua and light creamy yellow beads, which accents all the pieces in the wardrobe. This is what we call Fashion Feng Shui. The over all look is natural and earthy. This outfit would have to be my favorite look incorporating the white linen jacket, I would wear this any day of the week! 

This patterned shirt, I love but have only worn it once since I bought it six months ago. Something about it, I just couldn't match it with anything until it met my white linen jacket! That's why " Like a good party, your clothing should mingle" 


Until next time!

Stay Comfortable, Stay Cool, Stay YOU! 


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