Saturday, May 12, 2012

Like a Good Party your Clothing Needs to Mingle

Anytime you buy something new, you should open up your wardrobe and mix and match old articles with the new clothing. Integrating that new piece with the rest of your clothing will help you know what works best with it. C'mon think of it... if someone brought you to an exclusive party and didn't bother to introduce you to anyone, think of the experience you might have, you would probably stick to what you know, stay low key and take the easy route. Welll guess what that is what we are doing with that brand new pair of pants we just bought!

If you don't introduce them to the rest of your wardrobe then I'm telling you now your new pants are not meeting their full fashion potential. Like me you'll most probably just stick with what you know....well a white blouse works with everything....  but it's sooooo boring.... Like a good party your clothing, old and new need to mingle and in case you haven't heard there are over a Quadrillion new friends to be made! 

 I saw these pants in the store, and it was love at first sight, they were heathergrey, micro-tweed !!! I had to buy them, I did, I brought them home, and guess what... they haven't been worn out of the house yet.... I've owned them for months and only a few days ago ripped the tag off. Why haven't they been worn? They are semi-casual dress but semi-casual dress tweed can come across too easily as frumpy librarian fashion. So I struggled with the pants, until realizing in order to wear them I would have to strategically plan an outfit specifically designed to compliment my ohh-so-cool, new pants. 

The moral of the story is if you and old clothes don't throw a big welcoming party for your new clothes, then nobody's gonna get along. Save yourself some trouble and some frumpy looking get-ups and let your clothes mingle! 

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