Monday, May 14, 2012

Jeans N' Tee Syndrome

     The Mission Today started with these shorts, in an attempt to make new outfits that I will want to wear so I can optimize the power of my entire wardrobe. AKA. wear something other than the regular jeans and Tee combo. In order to cure the Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome

I have compiled an archive of fabulous free fashion finds from simply   opening up my closet and  matching things that I would not have ordinarily thought of.  The results were mind boggling I realized I had reverted into some form of a fashion depression that I would like to call Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome or JNTS.

Your Probably Asking yourself How do I know if I have JNTS? I have provided a list of symptoms that will allow you to assess the severity of your condition.


  • Feelings of frustration when getting dressed
  • Irritability or Anxiety when facing the task of changing
  • Loss of interest in wearing anything but jeans
  • Reduced Clothing Confidence
  • Clothing covered in dust
  • Inability to cohesively coordinate clothing
  • piles of clothing pulled from your closet and your still not dressed
  • sitting staring into your closet lost
  • Indecisiveness, when it is time to get dressed and go
  • Fatigue, tiredness and loss of energy , just thinking about putting and outfit together
  • Feelings that  your clothes are worthlessness or guilt for buying clothing you don't wear, fixating on past  outfit failures or blaming yourself when outfits aren't going right
  • Trouble thinking, concentrating, and remembering clothing that went well together
  • Frequent thoughts of taking scissors to your clothing
  • Crying because you have nothing to wear
  • In ability to wear anything but jeans and tees

If you have one or more of the listed symptoms you have Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome. Common causes of JNTS are caused by a lack of creativity, and patience with your clothing.  Have no fear I have found the cure, follow my quick simple steps and you will be on your way to fashion euphoria.  

Step one: make sure your not tired and you are feeling creative.

Step two: find a piece of clothing that you don't wear, but want to wear, make sure it fits if you haven't worn in awhile

Step three: Mix 'n' Match like you're a pro, think outside of the box, pair things you would never have normally. Not everything is going to work, and you won't like how certain things work together. Don't be discouraged keep going you will find one that you like and works for you!

Step 4: now catalog the new ensemble , that way you won't have to try and remember what works when your pressed for time.

Step 5: when you start wear your 'new' outfits regularly then you are cured.

 I feel as if I have revived new life into almost all of my clothing. You should give it a try, you may not even realize that you have Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome. 

Fashion Feng Shui at Work

In this episode of A QUADRILLION AND ONE NEW OUTFITS, I have dusted off a pair of my favorite shorts that have fallen victim of JNTS. Spending a bit of time with my shorts I found valuable vitality that would have only been forgotten due to  Jeans N' Tee Syndrome.

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