Thursday, May 10, 2012

Embarking On The First Mission of Math and Fashion

  Have you ever looked into your closet and in frustration said "UGH I have nothing to wear...!!" well honestly who hasn't?  If you know me you know I'm the last person on earth who should be saying that. In order of importance; shoes, jewelry and clothing are something of a sick obsession of mine. Having been employed in both a clothing store and a shoe store no one is denying it... I have an addiction. Soooo in order to combat my addiction and still give it that comfort of new things I've decided to do some math and really figure out if I do actually have anything to wear...... 

 Let's say you have 15 wear-out appropriate tank tops, 10 pairs of pants, 10 jackets, 10 blouses, 10 sweaters/cardigans, 10 nice blouses, 5 pairs of shorts and 5 skirts. LETS JUST SAY.. okay... that means you own 65 pieces of clothing that you are willing to wear out in public. Do have any idea how many possible combinations that is?? I've done the math and it gives you 262 080 possible outfit combinations!!! UMMM MIND BLOWN.... okay okay great news for all of us ladies, that means that there are hundreds of thousands of new outfits waiting to be tried on just sitting there FREE in your closet. Now let's say we accessorize lets add 10 earnings, 5 bracelets, 10 necklaces, 5 belts 10 scarves, and 5 purses. that gives your wardrobe 110 pieces to work with, if you have to choose 7 of those items every time, you now have 160 381 850 428 800 possibilities.  That number just to let you know is 160 TRILLION possibilities... okay lets add a shoe collection  (20 pairs) and now we have 65 486 851 073 280 000 possible outfit combinations. That means you have over 65 QUADRILLION OPTIONS! 
Sounds kind of crazy but let's forget shopping for awhile and re-purpose a Quadrillion new outfits that we have waiting for us. Okay obviously not everything is going to match, but with  262 080 possible combinations for your clothing pieces I'm sure you'll find something that will match.

    This is exactly what I have started to do. With that feeling of UUUGhhh I have nothing to wear, comes a dark cloud of non-creativity, and for some reason everything I try on at that moment I end up disliking more than the last thing. Vicious cycle right... well How to stop the cycle???? I have been digging in my closet and combining things that I have to make new and exciting outfits that I've never worn before. So whenever I'm feeling creative I open my closet door and make a couple new outfits... 

Maybe you're like me and have a pair of pants that you love and they are your favorite BUT you never wear them... Weird but true, I think I like them sooo much I'm afraid to wear to them. So the other day I pulled out my favourite pair of pants and started making new outfits that worked and looked good with my pants. I made new outfit combinations that I wouldn't have normally thought of if I had the pressure of getting dressed to go somewhere. It was fun, and who knew that those pants looked so good so many different ways.

    It just took a little bit of creativity and time, but the results were so rewarding I felt like I had a brand new wardrobe after coordinating some old and new pieces that I had never worn together! 

It felt as if I had struck gold! I felt rich with the infinite possibilities at my fingertips I mixed and matched clothing, accessories, and shoes for hours until all my creative juices were sapped! The pictures you see here are the fruits of my efforts! 

So I have taken some pictures of the outfits that I made so next time I pull open my closet and Say " UUUGGhhhh I have nothing to wear!!" I will take a look at the pictures and find an outfit that will suit my mood and outing. 

10 Brand New Outfits Which I have Never Worn, all from the same pair of super cute pants which I officially vow to wear this year! Which One is your Favourite?

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