Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moving Mayhem

    Well hello all my fellow fashion friends! I am sorry to announce that all my great outfits are currently in boxes and suitcases.  I have just moved to a new house and life has been nothing short of chaotic!
   While packing I had the lovely opportunity to touch, hold and fold every single piece of clothing that I own. Do you know what I found my self saying way too often?
       "Ohhh I forgot I had that"  
     It's really such a tragedy knowing that those pieces' potential to be fabulous have been forgotten. So while moving to a new place we also got a new wardrobe, a giant one, bigger than anything that we have ever owned. This way all of our clothing will be easily visible and simpler to get to than ever before, allowing for a fully functioning fashionable wardrobe.
my poor clothing all squished together like sardines!
    There are many new upcoming outfits to be made and I can hardly wait to get my closet fully installed! Although it will be a  painstaking process to unpack, my work will be rewarding, my clothing will be organized, accessible, and most importantly all those forgotten pieces have been re-discovered! 
    My tip for the day is to go for a dig in YOUR closet, find something You forgot and try making a new outfit from that long lost article of clothing. You paid for your clothing so let your clothing work for you!

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