Sunday, September 30, 2012

Night SkEYES

     I named this look, Night Skeyes inspired by the colours of dusk, just after the sun has set when the sky glows a beautiful pinky purple. In this make-up application I have tried to recapture the same effect complete with sparkling stars!  I applied an extra thick layer of eyeliner from my pupil line to the outer edge to make the "horizon" and blended 4 colours to create the night sky effect. I apply the almost matte white ever so lightly on my inner eye and under the arch of my brow, this helps make my eyes appear larger!  For the sparkly stars effect I used the light pink mineral eye shadow with very large pieces of mica, when blended over top the other colours I think it looks like stars that have just started to sparkle in the dusk night skies. 

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-Until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness!

      Nail Stamping is revolutionizing nail art. This high tech beauty equipment is fun and so easy to use. It took me some practice to get the hang of applying the patterns straight, but a couple of tries and I quickly improved. I love how quick it is compared to nail art itself, which can take quite a bit of time. So this week's nail stamp is inspired by this fall's wild side. The fashion runways have been full of animal print this fall/winter season, which I think looks rich and decadent! I love all animal prints which one is your favorite????

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Look Hot Stay Cool Part Three


So it's September 19th  and the temperature here still hits over 30°C daily, so in my ongoing quest too look my best and feel my best, I've devised a plan to keep me cool as the sun continues to cook us in the Mediterranean . This post is the third and final installment of Look Hot Stay Cool. I am using probably one of the most comfortable lightweight casual tank tops out there, to create looks that will keep me cool and fashionable!

The above look is certainly not for everyone but it's a fun bright look that I most certainly love! This ensemble is a head turner due to the volume of high voltage pink. When I feel like I need  attention I will be wearing this outfit!

An ultra casual tank top can be transformed to look sophisticated with the right accessories. This outfit would be great for a night out on the town with the girls!
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I would like to make a special mention to a very special friend, who actually owns this gorgeous PRINCE vintage tennis skirt. Her name is Sarah and she has an awesome blog that you should definately check out!  Her pictures are beautiful and inspiring! Find Sarah's Blog here: You Made Me Smile   About ten years ago when Sarah and I and  our closets lived much closer together, I like a younger sister would help myself to Sarah's clothing, and this is one peice that never made it back to Sarah's Closet! Sorry Sarah you can totally have your skirt back! This skirt is something special, I have been wearing it for 10 years and it's still in the same condition that Sarah found it in, at Value Village, PERFECT!  Check out those cute vintage  buttons!!! This skirt is excellent when I am in the mood to look sporty which is great for a casual weekend afternoon! This look is definitely cute, girly, fun and energetic totally me! I paired it with hoop earrings and some neutral gladiator sandals to keep the look simple yet complete, making this the Ultimate Look Hot Stay Cool Outfit!

-Until Next Time: Stay Comfortable, Stay Cool, Stay YOU!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

     Surprise! Today's segment of Monday Morning Manicure Madness happens to fall on a Sunday evening. Tomorrow I will be working extremely early in the morning, and that is why I am posting now.  I've been working more than usual, this week was particularly crazy, hence no posts until today :(  

    Today's Manicure is a super fun, modern, geometric print that I just love!  This manicure actually lasted almost 2 weeks without any major chips! I applied the nail art design with my stamping kit, find it here: (the first ever Monday Morning Manicure Madness) I always make sure to use my favourite top coat Lasting Finnish Pro, by RIMMEL LONDON. I love it because it is; rather inexpensive ( I bought mine on sale for $3), it's; mega shiny, spreads smoothly, dries evenly,  and  it does last for the advertised 10 days! I would certainly recommend this top coat to anyone who is serious about making their manicure last.

Until next time, Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable, Stay YOU!  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

       Good Morning & Good Monday to you! This week's Manicure Madness is all about simplicity! I was having an   emergency,   I RAN OUT OF NAIL POLISH REMOVER ON SHABBAT!! (that means everything here but gas stations and variety stores are CLOSED) So I needed a simple quick manicure to cover up and protect my nails for the weekend. I applied two layers of black nail polish and I let it dry for about 20 minutes then I applied my favourite chunky sparkly nail polish over top, it has two different glitter sizes in a rainbow of colours! The next day (so I wouldn't have to wait a year for them to dry) I applied a top coat to protect and add shine.  I just love the look and the effect, it reminds me of clear night sky, filled with all the sparkly stars!