Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

     Surprise! Today's segment of Monday Morning Manicure Madness happens to fall on a Sunday evening. Tomorrow I will be working extremely early in the morning, and that is why I am posting now.  I've been working more than usual, this week was particularly crazy, hence no posts until today :(  

    Today's Manicure is a super fun, modern, geometric print that I just love!  This manicure actually lasted almost 2 weeks without any major chips! I applied the nail art design with my stamping kit, find it here: (the first ever Monday Morning Manicure Madness) I always make sure to use my favourite top coat Lasting Finnish Pro, by RIMMEL LONDON. I love it because it is; rather inexpensive ( I bought mine on sale for $3), it's; mega shiny, spreads smoothly, dries evenly,  and  it does last for the advertised 10 days! I would certainly recommend this top coat to anyone who is serious about making their manicure last.

Until next time, Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable, Stay YOU!  

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