Sunday, September 30, 2012

Night SkEYES

     I named this look, Night Skeyes inspired by the colours of dusk, just after the sun has set when the sky glows a beautiful pinky purple. In this make-up application I have tried to recapture the same effect complete with sparkling stars!  I applied an extra thick layer of eyeliner from my pupil line to the outer edge to make the "horizon" and blended 4 colours to create the night sky effect. I apply the almost matte white ever so lightly on my inner eye and under the arch of my brow, this helps make my eyes appear larger!  For the sparkly stars effect I used the light pink mineral eye shadow with very large pieces of mica, when blended over top the other colours I think it looks like stars that have just started to sparkle in the dusk night skies. 

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-Until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! 

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