Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

       Wow it's October already!  Today for the first time since April it rained here in the sunny city of Ra'anana. The first few showers of fall are always so refreshing, I cannot even imagine how happy all the trees and plants must be, but you can almost hear them singing! The first rains always happen after Rosh Ha Shana (the new year) around Sukkot and they work in an almost spiritual way, cleansing the country from the dry dust and  blistering heat.  Preparing the country for a fresh clean start for the new year. After about five months with out rain, seeing it the first few times always makes me smile.
      This morning's manicure is a stamp combination that I call the romance design. I recently bought a beautiful dusty rose colour so it was actually the colours that inspired the stamp combination.  The look turned out to be feminine, soft and romantic. I think it's one of my favourite manicures so far!

- Until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! 

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