Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mediterranean Dressing

         If you know me you'll know that I'm dress obsessed, and since I moved to Israel, I've actually ended up wearing less  dresses than I used to.... Israel is an extreamely casual country, I mean I'm sitting here (right now) in a professional, respectable workplace, and there are women walking around in tube tops, beach covers, haviannas, jeans, hot shorts and mini skirts. I know this attire would never fly in any workplace in Canada except maybe inside a strip club. But I mean there are some justifications, it is a hundred million degrees outside, and wearing anything but flip flops right now is close to insane but there is just a level of professionalism that you grow to expect from a bussiness place. Sooooo needless to say that people here regularly dress like they are at the beach weather they are or not.   

   Dressess are usually reserved for the religious, unless they are  extremely revealing and I actually dispise wearing revealing dresses. I have however finally decided that I no longer care about the religious stigma that comes with wearing a dress, in this country.  I will wear them and love them and look fashionable not religious while doing so. Soooo since I've decided to wear my old dresses in a new way, I had to find some fun fresh new ways to wear them!!

    This white linen dress is sooo comfortable, it's light weight, white and breathable, aka. perfect for the sub-tropic sunshine. You would think that the beautiful people of the Mediterranean would want to dress like they lived on the Mediterranean Right?? 

     What do you think of when you hear Mediterranean Style? I think of sunshine, the French riviera, Casablanca, Greek Islands, Blue and White, delicious coffee, amazing perfumes, museums, historic art, statues,  Italy, turquoise waters, terra cotta tiled roofs, sunsets, and sailboats, Ancient Ruins, and Roman Aquaducts. So I imagine Mediterranean Fashion to be just as grand as all the antiquities, to me this spells high fashion, living and loving!

    I have tried to capture the essence of the Mediterranean in the outfits I have created with my dresses.  Which to me is a romantic, rich look that spells out class and individuality. 

     The look below is a fashion fusion combining the cowgirl boots with    an ultra feminine outfit creates attitude and individuality in this look that might have been to blah with out some sweet kicks! 

- Until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! 

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