Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plan to Look Good


  I've been feeling unstoppable with the seemly infinite possibilities that I have recently unearthed. Epiphany is the word that comes to mind when I think of the magnitude of combinations that are awaiting our fingertips. We literally have Quadrillions of Options to Choose from, I will never again fret about an outfit.  I've been pondering if we have so many choices why do we always revert back to that same old 'safe' outfit?   Maybe when the time comes the task at hand is too daunting, all those options maybe they are overwhelming us, then we go out and by a new shirt because we are unsatisfied with our wardrobe.  In case you haven't heard there is a great new way to find instant satisfaction with what you already have. 

We plan every other aspect of our life down to the last minutes and seconds, why not have a planned wardrobe ?  Think about it, it really makes sense, you plan meetings, plan work, plan dates, plan events, plan parties, plan vacations, plan diets, plan savings plans, YOU plan lunch, dinner and breakfast why don't you plan your wardrobe? 



     Let's take a minute and think of why we plan things? So things get done, so we accomplish our lists and don't forget anything. Well if you don't plan an outfit, when the time comes to put one together will you even remember what clothes you own? I think we all have too many choices so we make the easiest choice, which is what we remember that works. Instead of overwhelming yourself with options when staring into the closet oblivious to what works well together take an afternoon, and co-ordinate your clothing and plan a few outfits for a variety of occasions, and the next time you open your closet you'll have a better understanding of what works well together.

  Since I really wanted to expand on the versatility of my shorts and make sure that I don't take the "safe route", I have planned some evening looks that will be great for the upcoming summer nights. 


   Shorts are so flexible in their various applications they are the perfect specimen for mix and match-ization. I really felt like the amount of outfit combinations and styles were endless.

  Next time you walk by your closet take a look inside and plan a new outfit for those super comfy shorts you have . I always plan on looking and feeling good, but it doesn't always turn out that way. When your co-ordinate ahead of time using those semi-casual shorts in semi-dressy outfits, you can guarantee that you will look and feel great.  It's easy all you have to do is plan to look good

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moving Mayhem

    Well hello all my fellow fashion friends! I am sorry to announce that all my great outfits are currently in boxes and suitcases.  I have just moved to a new house and life has been nothing short of chaotic!
   While packing I had the lovely opportunity to touch, hold and fold every single piece of clothing that I own. Do you know what I found my self saying way too often?
       "Ohhh I forgot I had that"  
     It's really such a tragedy knowing that those pieces' potential to be fabulous have been forgotten. So while moving to a new place we also got a new wardrobe, a giant one, bigger than anything that we have ever owned. This way all of our clothing will be easily visible and simpler to get to than ever before, allowing for a fully functioning fashionable wardrobe.
my poor clothing all squished together like sardines!
    There are many new upcoming outfits to be made and I can hardly wait to get my closet fully installed! Although it will be a  painstaking process to unpack, my work will be rewarding, my clothing will be organized, accessible, and most importantly all those forgotten pieces have been re-discovered! 
    My tip for the day is to go for a dig in YOUR closet, find something You forgot and try making a new outfit from that long lost article of clothing. You paid for your clothing so let your clothing work for you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jeans N' Tee Syndrome

     The Mission Today started with these shorts, in an attempt to make new outfits that I will want to wear so I can optimize the power of my entire wardrobe. AKA. wear something other than the regular jeans and Tee combo. In order to cure the Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome

I have compiled an archive of fabulous free fashion finds from simply   opening up my closet and  matching things that I would not have ordinarily thought of.  The results were mind boggling I realized I had reverted into some form of a fashion depression that I would like to call Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome or JNTS.

Your Probably Asking yourself How do I know if I have JNTS? I have provided a list of symptoms that will allow you to assess the severity of your condition.


  • Feelings of frustration when getting dressed
  • Irritability or Anxiety when facing the task of changing
  • Loss of interest in wearing anything but jeans
  • Reduced Clothing Confidence
  • Clothing covered in dust
  • Inability to cohesively coordinate clothing
  • piles of clothing pulled from your closet and your still not dressed
  • sitting staring into your closet lost
  • Indecisiveness, when it is time to get dressed and go
  • Fatigue, tiredness and loss of energy , just thinking about putting and outfit together
  • Feelings that  your clothes are worthlessness or guilt for buying clothing you don't wear, fixating on past  outfit failures or blaming yourself when outfits aren't going right
  • Trouble thinking, concentrating, and remembering clothing that went well together
  • Frequent thoughts of taking scissors to your clothing
  • Crying because you have nothing to wear
  • In ability to wear anything but jeans and tees

If you have one or more of the listed symptoms you have Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome. Common causes of JNTS are caused by a lack of creativity, and patience with your clothing.  Have no fear I have found the cure, follow my quick simple steps and you will be on your way to fashion euphoria.  

Step one: make sure your not tired and you are feeling creative.

Step two: find a piece of clothing that you don't wear, but want to wear, make sure it fits if you haven't worn in awhile

Step three: Mix 'n' Match like you're a pro, think outside of the box, pair things you would never have normally. Not everything is going to work, and you won't like how certain things work together. Don't be discouraged keep going you will find one that you like and works for you!

Step 4: now catalog the new ensemble , that way you won't have to try and remember what works when your pressed for time.

Step 5: when you start wear your 'new' outfits regularly then you are cured.

 I feel as if I have revived new life into almost all of my clothing. You should give it a try, you may not even realize that you have Jeans 'N Tee Syndrome. 

Fashion Feng Shui at Work

In this episode of A QUADRILLION AND ONE NEW OUTFITS, I have dusted off a pair of my favorite shorts that have fallen victim of JNTS. Spending a bit of time with my shorts I found valuable vitality that would have only been forgotten due to  Jeans N' Tee Syndrome.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Like a Good Party your Clothing Needs to Mingle

Anytime you buy something new, you should open up your wardrobe and mix and match old articles with the new clothing. Integrating that new piece with the rest of your clothing will help you know what works best with it. C'mon think of it... if someone brought you to an exclusive party and didn't bother to introduce you to anyone, think of the experience you might have, you would probably stick to what you know, stay low key and take the easy route. Welll guess what that is what we are doing with that brand new pair of pants we just bought!

If you don't introduce them to the rest of your wardrobe then I'm telling you now your new pants are not meeting their full fashion potential. Like me you'll most probably just stick with what you know....well a white blouse works with everything....  but it's sooooo boring.... Like a good party your clothing, old and new need to mingle and in case you haven't heard there are over a Quadrillion new friends to be made! 

 I saw these pants in the store, and it was love at first sight, they were heathergrey, micro-tweed !!! I had to buy them, I did, I brought them home, and guess what... they haven't been worn out of the house yet.... I've owned them for months and only a few days ago ripped the tag off. Why haven't they been worn? They are semi-casual dress but semi-casual dress tweed can come across too easily as frumpy librarian fashion. So I struggled with the pants, until realizing in order to wear them I would have to strategically plan an outfit specifically designed to compliment my ohh-so-cool, new pants. 

The moral of the story is if you and old clothes don't throw a big welcoming party for your new clothes, then nobody's gonna get along. Save yourself some trouble and some frumpy looking get-ups and let your clothes mingle! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding Fashion Feng Shui

Ten outfits down over 65 Quadrillion to go! If Knowledge is Power, then this power gives you the super star ability to never wear the same thing twice! I know that's just ludacris, I love my favourite jeans and t combo that's a staple and will be repeated notoriously. But for all those other days when you feel you should be your shiny fabulous self, which should be most of the time, bust out one of your  flowing, fashionable outfits and you'll feel on top of the world. Try walking around in one of your new-found coordinated outfits and I guarantee you will feel more confident when everything flows together to help reflect who you are, it's only natural to feel beautiful from the inside out. 

There is just something that I love about cohesiveness nooo not GLUE, the flow of how little elements working together to create an overall big impact. Kinda like Feng Shui, your "get-ups" should harmonize. In order to harmonize you need balance, balance can be found by 'Clearing out the Clutter', a basic principal in   Feng Shui. Too much of anything blocks the natural flow of energy. 

      Soooooo in fashion terms it's really just a matter of less is more.  In my continuing quest for unending fresh fashion I have come across a dilemma that I am sure I am not alone in, I do not want too look like everyone else my desire is to be able to stand out and show my quirky wild-side, but somehow still feel sleek, sophisticated and elegant.  

    If you're like me you have a favourite pair of super cool, super fun earrings, but because they are sooooooOOOoOoOO special they maybe don't match everything or they are such a huge statement piece its hard to pair it with other accessories and clothing that won't be over the top. BUT you love those over the top earrings that you have! They reflect who you are and they certainly can allow your personality shine if matched up with just the right things. For example I own these stunning orchid earrings, they are made of REAL orchids they are by far the most delicate piece of jewelry I have ever owned in my entire life. My darling husband picked out these beauties all by himself while he was in New York quite a few years back. To tell you the truth it's another one of those items that I looOOOoove sooooo much that I'm afraid to wear them! WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING THEM IF I'M NOT GONNA LOVE THEM LIKE THEY DESERVE???

    The saddest part is that I can count the number of times I've worn them on one hand... Sad... terribly sad... Why have I been hiding them away all these years????? Due to their sheer magnificence I have honestly been scared to wear them, they are beautiful, loud statements hanging from my ears and my clothing that day needs to coordinate or I might just look like the tree hugging, crazy, flower lady that I am.... Sooo here we go, in an attempt to showcase my brilliant jewelry I have tastefully and carefully selected clothing that would accent, and compliment my nearly unbelievable orchid earrings. Finding Fashion Feng Shui  with your wildest pieces allows you to highlight your personality, while keeping your look modern and sophisticated. Tip: Pull one colour from your unique piece of jewelry and use neutrals to frame and accessorize the louder pieces you chose. The look ends up being more dramatic and has a bigger impact than if you had hot pink wild jewelry and clothes everywhere. Remember to choose one piece of 'crazy' jewelry and let it be the focal point of your outfit.