Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plan to Look Good


  I've been feeling unstoppable with the seemly infinite possibilities that I have recently unearthed. Epiphany is the word that comes to mind when I think of the magnitude of combinations that are awaiting our fingertips. We literally have Quadrillions of Options to Choose from, I will never again fret about an outfit.  I've been pondering if we have so many choices why do we always revert back to that same old 'safe' outfit?   Maybe when the time comes the task at hand is too daunting, all those options maybe they are overwhelming us, then we go out and by a new shirt because we are unsatisfied with our wardrobe.  In case you haven't heard there is a great new way to find instant satisfaction with what you already have. 

We plan every other aspect of our life down to the last minutes and seconds, why not have a planned wardrobe ?  Think about it, it really makes sense, you plan meetings, plan work, plan dates, plan events, plan parties, plan vacations, plan diets, plan savings plans, YOU plan lunch, dinner and breakfast why don't you plan your wardrobe? 



     Let's take a minute and think of why we plan things? So things get done, so we accomplish our lists and don't forget anything. Well if you don't plan an outfit, when the time comes to put one together will you even remember what clothes you own? I think we all have too many choices so we make the easiest choice, which is what we remember that works. Instead of overwhelming yourself with options when staring into the closet oblivious to what works well together take an afternoon, and co-ordinate your clothing and plan a few outfits for a variety of occasions, and the next time you open your closet you'll have a better understanding of what works well together.

  Since I really wanted to expand on the versatility of my shorts and make sure that I don't take the "safe route", I have planned some evening looks that will be great for the upcoming summer nights. 


   Shorts are so flexible in their various applications they are the perfect specimen for mix and match-ization. I really felt like the amount of outfit combinations and styles were endless.

  Next time you walk by your closet take a look inside and plan a new outfit for those super comfy shorts you have . I always plan on looking and feeling good, but it doesn't always turn out that way. When your co-ordinate ahead of time using those semi-casual shorts in semi-dressy outfits, you can guarantee that you will look and feel great.  It's easy all you have to do is plan to look good

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