Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sports Shorts Disguised

     I have this amazing pair of shorts that I absolutely love! They are everything I need in a pair of shorts; not too short, comfortable, flattering and fun! I really want to be able to wear them everyday, so I have created outfits that are great for any occasion. 

These shorts are more on the sportier side, and tend to look extremely casual. Which is quite alright for some days, but most certainly not  for all. By pairing the causal, sporty shorts with other dressier pieces the over all look becomes fun and purposely put together. 


   I was surprised by the shorts versatility, despite their casualness, they worked together with pieces like my cropped grey suit jacket, which I never imagined could be possible! I just needed a little creativity, and in that moment these never seen and never worn before outfits were born.
     I tell you just sitting there in our closets waiting to be discovered.


My sporty shorts mingled with my business casual pieces until mix match harmonies were found and documented. All were happy on this glorious occasion, for I will forever be comfy and cool wearing my lightweight boarding shorts in disguise  as everyday fashionable clothing!  The flexibility of your sporty shorts will surprise you, they are the gymnasts in our closets! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wear Your White For Once

Sooooo we all love the colour white, some of us are afraid to wear it, I know my mom doesn't own white clothing only because she thinks the colour washes her out, some people think it makes them look bigger like my husband,  my sister in-law has twin boys aged three and well she rather not wear white because she already has her share of stains to take care of... Me I love white always have and always will, but  I make a mess and stain my whites just like the everyone else and that is why God, I mean Proctor & Gamble made Tide Pens! (I just about always have one in my purse)

White is a refreshing neutral that works well with so many colours, just fiddle around with some of your accessories and I'm sure you'll find a new fresh look that you'll        feel comfortable wearing ! 

So I noticed I've been avoiding my white linen pants I seriously had not worn them in ages.... and why would that be? Well first and foremost white pants can be overwhelming and make you look overdone, if not accessorized correctly. So most importantly we need to plan outfits ahead of time to make sure those white pants don't wear us.

I've compiled BRAND NEW OUTFITS that I have never ever worn before, in an attempt to circulate the white pants back into my everyday wardrobe. After I organized these outfits I had a holiday family dinner to go to and got the perfect chance to wear one of my brand new outfits, I felt like a million bucks and I knew I looked good!

You bought those white pants, live a little on the wild side, and wear your white for once! 


-stay comfortable, stay cool, stay YOU!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Compulsive Impulsive Disorder

    Soooo you've heard of OCD over compulsive disorder , and you've heard of 'the impulse buyer' well have you heard of COMPULSIVE IMPULSIVE DISORDER??? It's time you learn, we seem to all suffer some form of C.I.D. and the cases range from mild to severe.

   Compulsive Impulsive disorder results in random  pieces of clothing, that you don't normally wear, but somehow you love it. Well to assess myself honestly I definitely sit somewhere just above the middle range of severity, which lands me with some pretty 'unique' clothing, that I have never ever worn....

    Its CID bad? well friends it can be a big waste of money with minimal or zero satisfaction. CID purchases can wind up making you  feel guilty and really the only thing you are guilty of is buying something you  loved without considering how it might work with what you regularly wear.  Now stop feeling bad right now, because all the Compulsive Impulsive Purchases sitting in your closet are waiting for you.

     Talk about challenges this was the hardest mix and matchup I've come across yet, CID purchases are like that. If you are ready for a test here's your chance, dig out that old CID purchase that you've never worn and start thinking outside of the box. It won't be easy at first but once you hit a creative streak you will be surprised how that old CID purchase can actually be worn in public.


 Let me tell you about the most recent CID purchase I've made. I love shawls and scarves, and even ponchos! YES PONCHOS, I've almost always had at least one poncho in the closet. So this winter while shopping in winners, I saw this beautiful crocheted poncho, it's so soft, it's a little bit sparkly, feels like a blanket, and it has flowers on it!! I loved it the second I saw it, and carried it around the entire store wondering if I should really splurge and buy a poncho.... I realized that there was currently no poncho in my closet, and  I was sold.. I had to have it, I felt like I was set up, it had my name written all over it... But it's A poncho... do you think I've worn it?? NOT ONCE.... not even inside the house. There is nothing like wearing a blanket in public and getting away with it...I had to have it.... This is the definition of  Compulsive Impulsive Disorder. Even while buying it I knew the chances of me ever wearing it were really slim... but I just wanted it... had to have it.. I probably could have stopped myself.. but I didn't... .. sound familiar? 


Well if you are like me and you still love all your CID purchases then pull them out of the closet and start integrating them into outfits that you think you'll actually wear. Work with your disorder you bought it because you liked it, it's fun and it shows your personality and you'll wear it if it looks good, all you need to do it match it up! So let's go, if I can do it with a sparkly, flowery, crocheted, poncho then I am sure you can handle whatever your closet throws at you!



   Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that my house is so near completion if I work my butt off today then in very well maybe finished! What does that mean for us all?? Well all of my clothing will finally be organised and in it's final place where I will be able to co-ordinate with ease once again. So I imagine it will take a couple more days to get all of the furniture into it's place, as the house still feels like a construction zone! 
         I would also like to announce that my lovely little blog about the enormous possibilities in our closets, has reached 200 views in it's very short life of one month! YAY! thank you to you all for viewing and because of this great acheivement I shall share with you my last saved blog post that I was waiting to share until I knew I would be close to finnished with the house. YAY! Thank you!

     Since my little house is almost finished I would like to share with you all a sneak peek inside!  
 inside my kitchen, our life has been mayhem with the house being so messy but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the pain and suffering, once you see the finished product!

WOW these OLD windows tons and tons of work, but they are soo charming! 

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