Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sports Shorts Disguised

     I have this amazing pair of shorts that I absolutely love! They are everything I need in a pair of shorts; not too short, comfortable, flattering and fun! I really want to be able to wear them everyday, so I have created outfits that are great for any occasion. 

These shorts are more on the sportier side, and tend to look extremely casual. Which is quite alright for some days, but most certainly not  for all. By pairing the causal, sporty shorts with other dressier pieces the over all look becomes fun and purposely put together. 


   I was surprised by the shorts versatility, despite their casualness, they worked together with pieces like my cropped grey suit jacket, which I never imagined could be possible! I just needed a little creativity, and in that moment these never seen and never worn before outfits were born.
     I tell you just sitting there in our closets waiting to be discovered.


My sporty shorts mingled with my business casual pieces until mix match harmonies were found and documented. All were happy on this glorious occasion, for I will forever be comfy and cool wearing my lightweight boarding shorts in disguise  as everyday fashionable clothing!  The flexibility of your sporty shorts will surprise you, they are the gymnasts in our closets! 

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