Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wear Your White For Once

Sooooo we all love the colour white, some of us are afraid to wear it, I know my mom doesn't own white clothing only because she thinks the colour washes her out, some people think it makes them look bigger like my husband,  my sister in-law has twin boys aged three and well she rather not wear white because she already has her share of stains to take care of... Me I love white always have and always will, but  I make a mess and stain my whites just like the everyone else and that is why God, I mean Proctor & Gamble made Tide Pens! (I just about always have one in my purse)

White is a refreshing neutral that works well with so many colours, just fiddle around with some of your accessories and I'm sure you'll find a new fresh look that you'll        feel comfortable wearing ! 

So I noticed I've been avoiding my white linen pants I seriously had not worn them in ages.... and why would that be? Well first and foremost white pants can be overwhelming and make you look overdone, if not accessorized correctly. So most importantly we need to plan outfits ahead of time to make sure those white pants don't wear us.

I've compiled BRAND NEW OUTFITS that I have never ever worn before, in an attempt to circulate the white pants back into my everyday wardrobe. After I organized these outfits I had a holiday family dinner to go to and got the perfect chance to wear one of my brand new outfits, I felt like a million bucks and I knew I looked good!

You bought those white pants, live a little on the wild side, and wear your white for once! 


-stay comfortable, stay cool, stay YOU!

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