Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy Cute Manicure

      I just had to share this quickly with all of you! It's honestly the quickest easiest way to get a crazy cute manicure that lasts. And I mean it lasts! Today will be six days of super cute flower manicure and there is not a single chip.  I have some tips and tricks that will also help your Sally Hanson Nail Stickers stay shiny and chip free longer.

      This is only the second time I've applied Sally Hanson Nail stickers, and I'm seriously in LOVE! Okay so it takes a little bit longer to apply compared to Nail Polish BUT have you ever had a nail polish that ACTUALLY didn't chip for  10  days??? (with the exception of toe polish) There is very little drying time which is fantastic and the nail stickers actually help protect your nails from chips and damages!

Emily's Tips and Tricks

  • I first make sure my cuticles are super cleaned up and pushed back,  the stickers last so long and nail bed growth becomes visible before the stickers chip so I want the sticker covering as far into the cuticle bed as possible.
  • I find that any nail sticker with a big bold pattern (like the one I used) will actually make my nails look shorter, so I try and wait till my nails get "long" before applying the stickers. Solid colors, small patterns & lines I find tend to make nails look longer, Sally Hanson has many different patterns to chose from! 
  • To make my Sally Hanson Nail Effects last the longest, I always make sure to remove any excess oils with nail polish first before applying.
  • I make sure my hands and the room temperature are not too hot, the stickers become very sticky, gooey and impossible to work with 
  • also on the contrary make sure the room and your hands are not too cold otherwise the stickers become very not sticky, stiff and impossible to work with
  • apply the nail stickers to your thumbs last! it makes cleaning up and applying the stickers  to your other fingers much easier if your thumbs are free
  • I always apply a top coat the next day or day after that but never right after, I make sure to coat the nail edge with the top coat as well, it really helps any manicure last longer.
  • the box says no drying time but beware it looks dry and feels dry but it's still quite soft and I'd recommend turning up the ac to help them stiffen and set them, I usually wait a good 15-20 minutes before I start handling things again, but be careful, they can dent really easy for about an hour or so
  • every couple of days, not every day not even every other day, just every couple of days, when the manicure dulls and thins then I apply another layer of top coat to protect .  I do this every couple of days because my nails really get worn out going to the beach and cleaning the house etc...

All in all a Rave Review, I definitely recommend Sally Hanson Nail Effects!  

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