Sunday, July 1, 2012

Break it With a Belt

    I really love my tunic style, shirt dress it is lengthening, slimming,  made from cotton and I bought at a bargain price ($7 from Winners).  I really  feel like I could really get some more wear out of this dress, the only time I've worn it I felt a little plain, and not very put together.  So in attempt to wear my cute, cotton, tunic dress I have made two new outfits never before seen, that help complete and compliment the fabulous dress that I don't wear enough.

  If it's so great then why  don't I wear it very often?? I thought about it and the dress it's self is quite simple, very plain, lots of brown.     This style of shirt gives me a very long torso and a big block of brown colour where my wait should be, making my upper body appear somewhat blockish. To combat this in both of the new outfits I have used belts to break up the brown and to define my waist, which makes my waist look smaller and my legs longer. Also, adding an extra punch of colour draws the eye in to the narrowest part of my waist making me look skinnier than I am. Which makes my tunic dress a very valuable treasure.

     In my hunt for the Quadrillions of Possibilities I have found two new Outfits that I'll  be sure to wear. I've improved my wardrobe's flexibility once again by purchasing nothing!  So next time you walk by your closet pull out your shirt dress and break it up with a belt, or a scarf!!

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