Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tequila Sunreyes

     Okay so I guess I feel like mixing things up! For you today we have another wild make-up application!  I've done renditions of this look but never to this extreme.

    I named this colour combo Tequila Sunreyes, because it's so fun, bright and summery.(and it's colours reminds me of a sunrise) I think it looks great when I have tanned skin. (this is tanned for me) I really like this combo, because it makes my Hazel eyes look bright green, which is uber sexy. To create Tequila Sunreyes I used 6 different shades. Take a look at these beautiful colors! I love the ombre effect it's just gorgeous. After applying the ocean goddess makeup the other day, I felt so inspired to dramatize other colour combinations.

I wonder if I have any more wild makeup applications up my sleaves... I think I am also gaining inspiration from watching TRUE BLOOD, I just love how they do the Vampire makeup. 
Thanks for viewing! Until Next time....

  stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU! 


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