Friday, August 3, 2012

More Mintspiration

single necklace
layered necklaces

<- this way
this way ->

Can you believe that when I was buying this dress I was actually worried that I wouldn't have anything that would match with it!?! Bringing it home right away and matching it with the items I already own, made me feel confident that my latest purchase was a great one! A summery trend right now is to layer many many necklaces that are similar but different. I tried this look out a couple time with this dress. The single necklace outfit is more streamlined and simpler and a little fancier than the layered look. Layering the necklaces gave the dress a more casual, earthy bohemian feel. Which look do you like better?

This dress has the  incredible ability to appear very fancy or just semi- casual, which means I will be more likely to wear it. How fancy I look will only depend on the accessories that I pair with the dress. This is why I really played around with my accessories to find new ways to wear them. I particularly love this look just below, I layered pretty much all of my gold chains that I own and paired it with a less expensive brass pendant wing necklace, and the look is boho-fabulous with a little shine. A great daytime/ lunch time outfit! 

This dress does wonders for my ridiculously square shoulders. The dress's asymmetrical design cuts diagonally across the widest part of my shoulders, which makes them look more petite. (a super great thing when you feel blockish and square like me )

 So I know my blog is usually about finding new outfits from old things, and trying to be thrifty with your money. But a beautiful dress, at a sale price, with a friend that was chanting adoring & encouraging words I was practically set up.   So glad I did, you have to treat yourself once in awhile, how else are you supposed to stay straight? 

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