Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teach an Old Dress New Tricks!

We all have that old dress that sits in the back of our closet just waiting for the day we decide to bust it out..... but it just never happens.. why could this be??? I've been trying to figure it out, and here is what I've come up with. I bought this dress for a  new year's eve dinner proabably about four years ago now, it's actually only been worn out in public about twice if I remember correctly.

I think I never wear it because just by itself it's way too dressy, and both times I wore the exactly the same way, the way I bought it, no extra personality added... now I  don't always feel the need to add "personality" to a dress, but when you've become bored of your dress, it's time to find it's full potential and  arrange some new ways to wear it!

Once I started mixing and matching my dress with my accessories, I realized that there were many more ways to wear this simple dress than i could have ever realised. This dress was very simple to make new outfits with because it is completely plain, neutral with very little detail. Which gave me freedom to mix and match colours with ease.

I was actually quite surprised how much I loved my new looks and how easy they were to arrange. I learned a valuable lesson today, you can teach an Old dress new tricks!!!

-stay cool, stay comfortable, stay YOU!!!

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