Friday, August 24, 2012

Look Hot Stay Cool


    So the summer is nearing it's end, but it's still scorching here with temperatures hitting 40 Celsius daily it's hard to stay cool.  If you ask me it's actually much too hot for clothing, but as much as I would love getting away with wearing my bikini all day everyday it's just not an option. That is why today I will begin a three part series named Look Hot Stay Cool,  where I will find hidden ways to stay comfortable  and still look fashionable! 
      So in my quest to Look Hot an Stay Cool, I found this lovely little tank top on sale for half price. I picked it up off the rack and my husband shared with my how cute he thought it was, a buying sign, so quickly tried it on and then I was sold.  It is by S.wear, a brand made by Hanes clothing, it's basically the most comfortable clothing on the face of the earth, and it's not all pajamas, although most of it I would classify only acceptable to wear while exercising, sleeping, beaching, or cleaning. Which is obviously a huge hit here, because Israel is probably one of the most casually dressed populations I have ever encountered.  The weather here during the summer is not bearable for most, just wearing a necklace can make me feel sweaty and uncomfortable and if my shoes are too warm, I'm gonna cook... and  forget wearing my hair down, I might as well be wearing a fur coat... so it's hot here... I like it.. actually I love it... there is nothing like blistering heat, I'm usually cold so I like when it's HOT. But to Look Hot and Stay Cool is a brand new Lesson for me. I used to think Fashion & Beauty was suffering, no pain no gain. Well friends I am here to tell you that it's not all true..

           When the temperature soars it can be a challenge to look fashionable and put together. So I have taken it upon myself to create some scorching hot looks, that will manage to keep me feeling cool, when the thermometer is about to burst! To get a feel for the versatility of my new shirt I've used it in all the Look Hot Stay Cool looks. 


      In order too Look Hot and Stay Cool, I chose light weight items, skirts, and sandals, and I kept the accessories subtle and to a minimum. When the temperature is rising, less (everything) is so much more!  

    Stay tuned for more Look Hot Stay Cool Looks coming soon in part two! 

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