Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ocean Goddess Makeup

Okay so I know this is a little bit random but I had a dream that I did my makeup all crazy wild, like runway, haute couture/ I think I am a mermaid style. I woke up from the dream with such a desire to replicate it that I did that day. Now this  is definitely an attention seeking, head turner of a look, so I probably won't be wearing it out in public anytime soon.
    As a makeup artist the look tested my creativity and skills, I had never done something so "crazy" before. While working full time as a makeup artist my work focused on bridal and everyday makeup applications so I am used to creating feminine and gentle looks. This look is so far from gentle and soft, it is so strong, LOUD, colourful and powerful. So totally not the Norm...

     This look would be perfect for an Ocean Goddess, or a wild night out. I would just love to have a girls night out where we all wear crazy makeup done by me! That would be fun! I hope you like my wild design! 

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