Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Mintspiration

I went shopping with my good friend Natalie, and I was supposed to be helping her find a dress and low and behold I managed to find one for myself, well I had an armful to try on so the chances  of me finding one were pretty good. It just so happened by chance that the most  stunning one, a mint one shoulder dress, fit the best out of all of them, the lines seemed to fit perfect to my body. How could I not buy it? Even Nat was like,

 So I did, and I took it home and I was so excited and I felt so inspired by my new mint dress that the moment I got home I began to mix and match my new mint dress with my accessories and shoes! It took me about an hour but I created 10 great ways to wear my spectacular mint dress. The next time I am busy getting ready and I want to wear my mint dress I won't even have to think because I have invented some great looks already with this dress ahead of time I can just throw it all on and won't even have to debate if it looks good or not!  When I am under pressure to get ready I can never make a decision on time and always end up choosing the easiest "safe"  option. This way my choices are easy, I pick an already arranged outfit that suits my mood that day. Also planning and coordinating outfits regularly actually makes it easier to mix and match on the spot because you already kinda have an idea of what accessories/shoes work with what colours you have in your closet.  

Mint came back into fashion this summer season and I hope it sticks around. Mint has always been a favourite of mine. I swear the colour mint evens out my skin tone and makes me look way more tanned than I actually am, and for my pastie white ass that's a great thing!

 I used to own a mint double breasted  cropped mint jacket, it was honestly one of my most favourite pieces of clothing of all time. That is until a rogue pair of pink panties got mixed into my lights and brights laundry load and my mint jacket came out with pink splotches all over. I tried everything to get the pink out but the splotches wouldn't budge the jacket was ruined. It was a sad day in North York the day my mint jacket died.... RIP 

Stay tuned there are already more mintspirational outfits in production and I have a feeling there will be even more in the near future!  

XO~  stay cool, stay comfortable, 

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