Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Caviar Manicure

     I just had to share this all with you! Today I finally did the black caviar manicure that I've been dying to do for weeks. I had bought the jar of 'caviar beads' at my local craft retailer, which kinda makes me wonder if Micheal's also has this back in Canada??? Anyhow I bought them probably over a month ago, but my nails were way too short, I had a feeling that the caviar beads would make my nails look shorter then they actually are. (AND it does) any solid colour I find makes my nails look shorter, then adding beads on top shortens them even more. So I waited until I felt my nails were long enough and now TADA! I'm so impressed with the results it was easy and fairly quick compared to other designs I put on my nails. It was my first attempt trying to do this so my nails didn't turn out perfect, but I think the effect is soo cool I need to practice a couple more times and I'll completely have the hang of it!

Steps are easy here's how I did it.

1. tidy up nails, file, push cuticles back etc

2. apply first coat of nail polish to all nails

3. paint the second coat and apply the caviar beads one finger at a time, make sure you apply sufficient amount of nail polish in order to make the beads stick, but not too much that it's going to get messy. I made sure to work over a shoe box lid to catch all the caviar beads that fall. Once the nail is covered gently push the beads flat over the nail and around the nail edges in order to stick them down. I used an orange stick to pull out excess  beads that got stuck in my cuticles. REMEMBER ONE FINGER NAIL AT A TIME

4. use a clear top coat on just the finger nail tip edges and the first row of beads to help make your Caviar Manicure Last.

and Voila!

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