Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY: Mini-Sweater T-Skirt

    I am happy to tell you all that I  have yet another Emily's T-skirt Tutorial to share with everyone of the inter-webs. This is the first of 3 T-skirts I've made on my up-cycling rampage. For this T-skirt I wanted a comfy skirt, to get stuff done around the house in.

   A couple weeks ago I asked my husband if he was ever going to wear this shirt again, he said
So I tossed into the bag with all the other T-shirts that are awaiting for a re-purposed life. I love how soft the sweater like material is, I knew that one day it would become something great!

    The first thing I did to make my new T-skirt, is lop off the sleeves from armpit to armpit in a nice straight line. I kept the top piece that I cut off, I think it could make a cute cropped sweater shrug............

   From there I tried on the tube and measured how short I'd like the skirt to be and folded the waistline hem accordingly, I then hem stitched it almost all the way, leaving a section open to thread the elastic waistband. 

    I then took rubber band and measured a waistband that sat snugly on my hips. 

    I couldn't find a safety pin so I attached a pipe cleaner to the end of the waistband instead  and pushed it through the waist hem by scrunching the fabric like this and then pulling it through.  

 OH, I also attached this little stationary clip to the tail end so it wouldn't pull through while I was threading the waistband. 

   Once I had completed threading the waist band I attached another clip like this (above left pic) and was able to flatten any flips in the waistband without the elastic slipping back inside. Once I was sure the elastic band was nice and flat I sewed the two ends together. (above right pic)

The last step in finishing my T-skirt was to sew the waistband up. In               6 easy steps, and ten minutes of sewing by hand and I have my very first T-Skirt!  Find another T-skirt Tutorial  here.


-Until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay you!

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