Friday, July 6, 2012

Shorts Almost as Wild as my Personality

   My adventure through my closet has been a continuous learning experience. Not only have I realized the massive potential of my wardrobe, I have have learned how easy it really is to make something old new again. This valuable lesson has fulfilled my appetite for fresh fashion without costing me a penny. In these times we all should be a little more thriftier! With all the many lessons I've learned through mixing matching nothing can compare to the challenge of matching these Amazing Marciano shorts I picked up about SEVEN years ago. To me these Bermuda shorts are so exquisitely beautiful I think they should be in a museum somewhere. . . . . . .The shorts like myself are loud, outgoing, fun, bright, unique, and a little bit crazy! These shorts are almost as diverse as my personality, complete with shiny blinged out pocket flaps!  Seriously HHHHOOOOWWW could I resist them?? PS. they were mega on sale at a Marciano Outlet. It was like a message from the    angels. . . 


   In my seven years of ownership they have remained in pristine condition and amazingly some how I'm the same size as I was when I was 21. YAY! That's a confidence booster! So it's quite obvious why they've lasted this long, I've hardly worn them, mostly because when it comes time to coordinate an outfit the only colour I end up putting with them is black, almost most other colours look garish when beside the shorts.

When pairing the shorts with a black shirt it often looked way too plain against the kaleidoscopic shorts, so by choosing a black shirt with details and adding matching accessories it helps move the eyes up from the shorts, so they are not the only thing you see. The overall look is tastefully wild and elegantly fun, with out being over the top.   

This sort of planning is needed if I want to have a harmonizing outfit. In a rush to get ready I would never be able to calmly plan a coordinating outfit with these shorts and that's why I have pre-planned to ensure that when I do decide to wear my outrageous bermudas I will be confident that the outfit works well.


These attention seeking shorts are no doubt too much for many        but......

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