Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY: Mid-length T-Skirt

      This skirt was my second T-skirt out of four that I created during my up-cycling rampage. The rampage has since stopped, but I assume only temporarily because I've been working on repainting an ugly little melamine, 3 drawer cabinet. 

       It all started with this shirt, I bought this shirt for my husband about 4 years ago, and he's never worn it... I absolutely love the colour  sometimes I think it's orange, sometimes pink, and sometimes red. This rich colour is great for fall, it reminds of  warm spices and all the trees back in Canada changing colours.  

     First things first, I cut open the neck like so (left), then I jumped inside and measured out the shape of the skirt (below). I wanted a nice midi-length a-line skirt, so I measured accordingly. It's crucial to get the lines straight while pinning to avoid puckering. 

I "lightening stitched" each side twice, then cut off all the excess fabric.

     I stepped back inside to measure the waist band, I used my eye to make it level  and pinned into place. 

    I then hem stitched the waistband leaving a section open, and threaded the elastic band that I measured to fit comfortably at just below my hips. To see the easiest way to thread the waistband check out this post here.  After I was sure the elastic waistband was flat with no twists I sewed the ends together and closed up the open section of the top hem. This T-skirt required a little more sewing because of the length, so it took about 2 hours from start to finish. A sewing machine would have cut this time in half.

    I would have to say this was my favourite up-cycled t-skirt until I made number four! This skirt as my husband dubbed it is a bit "shanti", a Hindi word we picked up from our travels in India meaning relaxed, cool and calm. Which is certainly appropriate it's soooo comfy and the intense orange-red ocher color reminds me of saffron, saris, Babas and sadhus of India. 

Come back soon T-skirt number four on it's way !!! 

Here's a small trip down memory lane.....

Rooftops of Agra India

 People at Taj Mahal, Agra, India

On a Bus with a Baba in the Himalayas

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