Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure

    Wow I cannot believe it is November , the weather sure hasn't been convincing the temperature here has been above 30°C all week long, not exactly November weather in my books... My internal clocks however have not been confused, for I have picked up my favourite fall/winter past time crocheting! OOOoooooooo the fun!!!!
     This Monday's Manicure  is one of my favourite nail art designs! It's quick and easy and it's so cute and fun. This is where I found the tutorial, she goes by the name "cute polish" I just adore her fun nail art designs! 

This manicure was quick and easy to do here are the steps.

1. paint two layers of black on the tips ,use scotch tape to get really straight lines, I however didn't and they came out fine! 
2. use white and make the polka dots, I used the end of a small paint brush to make my polka dots
3. paint a line of silver sparkle  where the black ends
4. after it was all dry I finished it with a layer of top coat, to protect my cute new manicure and to help it shine! 

Thanks so much for reading!!! 

-until next time, stay cool, stay comfortable, stay you! 

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