Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Manicure Madness

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 Monday Morning Manicure Madness
 I've decided since I love doing my nails so much, that I will add a special segment just for manicures. I recently received this     
what great gift for our 4th anniversary, traditionally gifts of flowers or linens are given on the 4th anniversary, this has plenty of flowers! thank you to my amazing husband who knows me ohhhh so well! <3 

      It's a professional nail stamping set that they usually don't sell to the public, but my darling husband used his wily charm and the lady at the beauty wholesaler to sold it to him!!! I'm the luckiest wifey ever <3 So with this new stamping kit there are 101 individual stamps, and that pretty much means endless possible combinations, and hours of entertainment! Stay tuned for more Monday Morning Manicure Madness!

     Today's manicure is "kitty kitty" by Sally Hanson Nail Effects... Okay I know I'm obsessed with these, but you have to check these out! I whole-heartedly doubted that nail stickers would work but a couple of my girlfriends told me that I had to try it. So I bought a couple packages from the local Walmart while I was in Canada, they were actually on sale for $6.79, so I ended up buying 4 to bring back here, to Israel. I was sure that Israel wouldn't have this sort of fabulous-ness. I was wrong, I did find them one day in the mall. BUT they cost 50+ shekels, which is just about double of what I paid for them back in Canada, but if you ask me  that is still not a bad price for the quality of this product. 

     The stickers speak for themselves just give them a try, I was was so surprised at how long they actually lasted. Sally Hanson Nail Effects are better than any manicure that I've paid $50 dollars for, they last longer like WAY longer. To find out some tips and tricks on how to make applying Sally Hanson Nail Stickers easier check out this blog post! They have a bunch of super fun designs to choose from and they help protect my nails allowing them to finally grow nice and long... okay okay I  know I'm raving and I have raved about these before, I swear I don't work for Sally but honestly, Sally Hanson Nail Effects Is the Best Manicure Money Can Buy! 

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